We have just learned that in 2008, Nikola was arrested by the FBI and incarcerated in federal prison.  We have applied to FOIA for case information and as information becomes available, we will publish it.    According to the Federal Bureau of Prison's website and inmate locator, http://www.bop.gov/, Nikola is not in federal custody.  He may either be facing additional charges or, as a Czech national, he may have been deported.  We'll be publishing news as we have it, STAY TUNED !!!!!!


Justin Nikola aka Nikola Cigolinov was the ultimate gay escort who seems to have disappeared. This site is for all the many men who knew him, met him and enjoyed him from his dancing days at the Gaiety in New York, the Boardwalk in Ft. Lauderdale and his legendary days as one of the hottest and busiest escorts for guys on www.rentboy.com.

It wasn't accidental that Justin became so popular.  His talents as one of the world's premiere gay escorts were not un-noticed.  I can't imagine any man was ever left unsatisfied by this amazing stud.  I've received hundreds of e-mails from you guys asking me about him, well here's my post card to all who've written. As of late I had heard he had moved from the L.A. area after the acting gig didn't work out and was living somewhere in Miami but I do not know if he is still escorting. According to his MySpace page,
he is living in New York. It hasn't been accessed in a long time according to myspace, so I don't know if it's dependable.  We also found him on facebook, http://www.facebook.com/justinnikola and here, http://www.facebook.com/nikolacigolinov. I think the second one might be more accurate because it is somewhat restrictive and the main photo isn't a modeling photo, but more of a real life pic.  Maybe he has his regular clients, but he's been off the regular rosters.  He is looking much older, but still very doable. Let's hope he comes back to the escorting world soon for all of us guys to enjoy him again.  So many men, so little Justin Nikola.  :)

I had the pleasure of meeting him several times and hiring him in New York and when he was living in Los Angeles. I recently tried to communicate with Justin and I hope he comes back to all of us who loved to look at him, loved to be with him and loved to be intimate with him.

You can see more of him on the Gaiety NYC private
newsgroup and his movies are on www.rockettube.com for totally free viewing.  Just put "Justin Nikola" in the search area and you can find some more free movies. The movies are totally free without a credit card or bank account. Just click and watch, the movies play instantly.  It's a pretty cool site and it's free.  Another one is Gay XL movies. Same thing here, click on this and one of many movies starts up,

A lot of you guys still ask about this legendary stud.

To all of Justin's fans, I am truly sorry for the site being up and down so much.  I do not know what happened and www.register.com told me that there was a glitch in their servers and all our information had been lost.  I was pretty upset because this has happened to us a few times with no other reports from other sites losing their info according to them.  Anyway, after a long task of redoing the site, we're back.  
Since  2006, there has beenan ongoing battle to have Justin's photos banned from the internet.  I am happy to say that as of 2009, Tom Cullis Photography signed an agreement which allowed Justin's photos to be published freely.  Here is a link  http://delicatessengay1.wordpress.com/justin-nikola/   We are thrilled with this news and that means our pictures will stay and we'll be posting others as well.  Thanks for your support.


Coming soon!!!! Videos and updated pics from clients and fans.



Courtesy of butchtop.



Love in bloom, by the hour.  ;)


Another satisfied client.  A nickle a tickle with Justin.


See anything you like mister?


C'mon men, Justin is READY !!!




Guys!!  Cum and hit it!!








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